Gray Area Snowskate Jam & Contest 2014

The first edition of the “Greay Area Snowskate Jam and contest” took place on February 16th, 2014 in Camp Fortune, Québec, Canada. Weather was great without a single cloud in the sky and snow conditions were close to perfect.

Camp fortune
The day started with registration and warm up runs until 10:30am. Snowskate cross had two timed qualified runs and bracketed elimination rounds for head to head racing with top eight qualifiers on a fun course with rollers and banks.

2014-02-16 12.05.59
Best trick Jam session took place in the afternoon on four separate features for best trick and overall winner. Single and double deckers joined forces on a jump, a box, a table and a quarter. A tent was setup and music blasting in the jam area. Everybody was throwing themselves out and we saw a great variation of tricks, new tricks and hard bails. The setup was perfect thanks to the hard work of organizers and mountain staff.

2014-02-16 14.25.06

2014-02-16 14.26.02
2014-02-16 15.47.43Overall Jam Winner : Steve Nadeau

2014-02-16 15.49.16-1Jam Best Trick : Henry Siu

Harfang was also there to host a demo of their snowskates so people didn’t even needed a board for this event. Consensus was : “Thank you, this is so much fun!”.  And of course kids with no experience would pick it up in a matter of minutes. Tell your friends, snowskating is easy!

2014-02-16 14.26.44

Snowskate Cross results :
1 – Pascal Jean
2 – Henry Siu
3 – Thierry Doizon
4 – Phil John Gray
5 to 8 – Samuel Rémillard, Mike Montgomery, Steve Nadeau, Cimon Laprize

2014-02-16 15.49.56
This is the final heat between Pascal Jean (1st) and Henry Siu (2nd) in an epic battle. Pascal was in the back for half the track then made the only pass of the day on Henry. His downhill skateboarding and racing skills certainly helped him take the best line and swap the victory!

 Snowskate Cross – best qualification time :
1 – Pascal Jean (36:07)
2 – Henry Siu (37:16)
3 – Thierry Doizon (39:07)
4 – Samuel Rémillard (39:19)
5 – Phil John Gray (40:22)
6 – Mike Montgomery (40:25)
7 – Steve Nadeau (40:44)
8 – Cimon Laprize (41:10)
9 –Vincent Parisien (41:72)
10 – Samuel Poudreadz (42:16)
11 – Yan Cyr-Haschigk (42:60)
12 – Alex Mof (42:94)
13 – Anthony Ganier (43:78)
14 – Ken Smuck (44:78)
15 – Frank Gagnon (47:65)
16 – Felix Croteau (51:40)
17 – Simon Ganier (57:69)

2014-02-16 16.39.37
Big thank you to local snowskater Phil, Joey at Top Of The World and Eric at Camp Fortune for making it happen in such a short time. Thank you to the sponsors for all the prizes : Top Of The World, Lib Technologies, Amibtion Snowskates and Harfang Snowskates. Check out for media coverage of the event.

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